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Yermo Aranda

Originally from San Diego, California, Yermo comes from a family of musicians, painters and craftsman. Yermo studied art at San Diego City College (1967), San Diego State (1968) and Cabrillo Community college (1986-89). Completed his B.A. at C.S.U.M.B., 2010, he majored in Integrated Studies with a Focus on Fine Arts and Communication Design. Co-founder of Toltecas en Aztlan (1969), and El Centro Cultural de La Raza (1970). As the director of the Centro, and Chairman of Toltecas en Aztlan, Yermo was very instrumental in initiating the murals of Chicano Park in April of 1973.

Yermo is a gifted and prolific artist, well known and celebrated in his community for his enormous contributions to mural painting.

Yermo at San Diego State University

Yermo Aranda in studio

Yermo Aranda's art on hood of a car

Yermo Aranda in San Diego

Jun 20th, 2007